Beer's better together.

About Us

What is Rock & Ranges Brewing Co-op

We’ve established a community-owned, democratically-controlled brewing co-op in the Macedon Ranges. To promote social enterprise, empower community, encourage environmental sustainability and, at the same time, make fantastic local beers.

We have a rapidly growing group of members with a shared vision and you can simply join now.

Being a member of a non-distributing co-op is an incredibly rewarding opportunity and it’s important you know that we, like many before us, are adhering to the internationally recognised 7 principles of a co-op:

1) Voluntary and Open Membership
2) Democratic Member Control
3) Members’ Economic Participation
4) Autonomy and Independence
5) Education, Training and Information
6) Cooperation among Cooperatives
7) Concern for the Community

These principles have formed the Rock & Ranges Brewing Co-op Rules which we recommend everyone reads to better understand how our co-op works.


Beer’s better together.

Meet The Board

  • Luke Spielvogel


    Luke has lived in the Macedon Ranges for 13 years with his family. He works in logistics, enjoys growing and fermenting all nature of things and playing the harmonica (badly).
    Favourite style: IPA, but also dark ales and interesting lagers (like Märzen/Schwarzbier)
  • Nicola Rivers


    Lawyer, greenie, mum and beer lover. Helps with the fine print.
    Favourite style: IPA & Pilsner
  • Andrew Watt


    Moved to Newham 4 years ago with now 4 kids in tow. A carpenter by trade, now building skyscrapers in the city and importantly, on the brew crew. Started home brewing a few years ago with Luke and still on a journey of discovery.
    Favourite style: Pilsner & Lager
  • Mark Constable


    Digital Consultant by day, Beer Lover by night, I am a devoted husband and father of two beautiful daughters, part-owner of Darmasun, President of Dads Club Macedon Ranges and Vice President of Newham Mechanics Institute.
    Favourite style: Stout, Dunkel & XPA
  • Jen Howard


    A newbie to the Macedon Ranges but an old-time beer lover and brewer. Helps with our Tech and Brewing and is convinced that there is a beer for everyone!
    Favourite style: IPA & Sour
  • Phil Owen


    I love beer and brewing with 44 years devoted to the pursuit of fine ales! I have been a dedicated supporter of locally produced craft beer since the emergence of CAMRA in the UK in 1971 (although I wasn't quite old enough to drink then!), their aim being to protest against a powerful beer industry that was taking over and closing small breweries and producing flavourless national brands. Let’s do the same!
    Favourite style: IPA, particularly English Varieties.
  • Penny Morton


    Penny is a long time lover of most beers. She’s corporate by day, party planner by night. An active member of the Brew Crew and organiser of all things R&R. If you haven’t heard her talk at you about R&R - you soon will, and aren’t you in for a treat.
    Favourite style: XPA & Lager