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GIFT Co-op Membership (Concession)

GIFT Co-op Membership (Concession)


Joining the Rock & Ranges Brewing Co-op is simple however it is important you understand the two step process:

Step 1 – Complete the application and pay your membership fee and share capital cost.

IMPORTANT - Please type in the name of the person who you're buying this for in the Additional Information section in the application form.

Step 2 – Every member of the Co-op has their application ratified by the Co-op board. Membership gifts, like this, are reviewed in advance of any relevant dates.

You’re about to sign up someone special to become a member of a non-distributing co-op. It’s an incredibly rewarding opportunity and it’s important you know that we, like many before us, are adhering to the internationally recognised 7 principles of a co-op:

1) Voluntary and Open Membership
2) Democratic Member Control
3) Members’ Economic Participation
4) Autonomy and Independence
5) Education, Training and Information
6) Cooperation among Cooperatives
7) Concern for the Community

These principles have formed the Rock & Ranges Brewing Co-op Rules which we recommend you access and read to better understand how our co-op works.

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